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In the production process we use waste materials to produce highest quality biodiesel in the most sustainable way.Our Fatty Acid Methyl Ester meets full EN-14214 criteria being environmental friendly. The main materials we use is Used Cooking Oil 100% Vegetable Origin.Our innovative technology uses biomethanol, solar energy and cogeneration, which significantly lowers the emission of greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Growth


Each history has a beginning…
Glortex has been established in the beginning of 2017 by the team of experienced people that had a vision to create better, cleaner and environmentally safer world for future generations.Despite being young on the market, our team has almost 20 years of experience in the field of biofuel production, trading, logistics & environmental protection.After the acquisition of a biodiesel facility in the Slovakia and having it modernized, it will become one of the most  technologically advanced biodiesel plant in Europe.Our history is being written, you have a unique opportunity to be part of it.




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Using raw materials from waste or residues from other industries. Esthers being produced by Glortex are achieving significant lower GHG emissions compared to biodiesel produced from rapeseed in conventional processes.Using Renewable products allows to protect the environment and lower the usage of fossil fuels needed when harvesting crops.

High FFA Oils and Fats

A material with a high Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content has traditionally been unsuitable for biodiesel production. Glortex, a.s. has pioneered a large scale FFA reduction process to make these materials available for mainstream biodiesel manufacture.

Petrochemical Residues

Our R&D Department is currently working to develop innovative process of refining and purification of used engine, marine and hydraulic oils. This will allow to produce sustainable materials such as base oils, that may be used again in the automotive industry or low sulphur marine fuel which is clean from harmful substances.

UCO and Tallow

Despite the fact that UCO we use in production process and it is a 100 % vegetable origin, we have a vast range of suppliers that can offer high quality tallow oil for further biodiesel processing.

Glortex’s use of
challenging raw materials like Fat, Oil and Grease from the sewer as well as used coffee grounds to explore new fields of sustainable biodiesel production and maximize waste to energy politics.

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